Perdido Pass Bridge
Lighting Project

Help us light our iconic bridge

An Iconic Landmark

The Orange Beach Perdido Pass Bridge is one of the city’s most iconic landmarks. Thousands of visitors and boaters pass over and under the bridge daily, admiring our turquoise waterways and bright white sandy beaches. Vacationers from all over the U.S. and beyond view the bridge from condos and restaurants while visiting our beloved Orange Beach, Alabama… otherwise known as “Paradise.” Following a fiery sunset, the colors fade and our iconic landmark disappears into the night. Orange Beach needs a night skyline that will be just as memorable and enticing as our daytime landscape. 

To that end, a team of volunteers has formed a 501(c)(3) organization, the Orange Beach, AL Perdido Pass Bridge Lighting Project, to plan and implement adding state of the art LED lighting technology to the Perdido Pass Bridge so it can be a beacon of inspiration both day and night.

Illuminating a Bridge

The Coronado Bridge Project is a good example of how lighting a bridge with colorful LED lighting can create an artistic Night Skyline. The Coronado Bridge has a T Pier construction similar to our bridge and we are using the same company for our bridge lighting design. This video shows the design team testing the lighting of the bridge before the final design is complete. You will see them testing colors, intensity of the light, static and dynamic displays, etc. Check out the video for an example of what our illuminated bridge will look like.

An economic boost

Adding subtle, indirect LED lighting technology to our bridge will capture the attention of hundreds of thousands of people, residents and visitors alike, while bolstering the identity of Orange Beach as the premier beach destination on the northern Gulf Coast. 

The Orange Beach community relies on year-round visitors and this unique addition to our night skyline will have a significant impact on the number of visitors we have as well as the length of their stays… creating an economic boost to business owners, condo investors and to the community as a whole as a result of increased tax revenue. LED bridge illumination is among the most energy-efficient options a city can choose when deciding ways to improve the community.

Photo courtesy of Pexels


The Perdido Pass Bridge Lighting team is working closely with the Orange Beach City Council, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for turtle safety, the U.S. Coast Guard for navigation concerns and the AL Department of Transportation for bridge enhancement.

LED lighting is widely known for using less power than traditional lighting and rarely needs to be replaced, providing an eco-friendly lighting option with an extremely long lifespan. It is possible the low amount of power required to light the bridge can be generated via solar energy technology and that option is currently being investigated.